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Pet Hair Roller Remover


Keep fur away from furniture, fabric, car seats, and more with this amazing dual action

Pet Hair Roller.

Sturdy and made to last for 1000's of uses, the Fur Enforcer works when you move the roller back and forth creating a small static electric charge that amazingly picks up even the smallest piece of fur!! It traps fur, hair, lint and more in a tidy container making it simple to collect and throw away.

Use the Fur Enforcer Roller over and over and over again with nothing to throw away or parts that need replacing!

It picks up dog or cat hair efficiently from sofas, beds, rugs, clothes, and anywhere pet hair collects.

No more single-use lint rollers. No more heavy vacuum cleaners. No nonsense!

It collects pet hair with the help of an electrostatic charge that's generated when you move the roller back and forth.

Step 1: Move the roller back and forth over the pet hair.

Step 2: Press the release button and open the lid.

Step 3: Empty the hair into the garbage can.

Picks up all types of fur and lint
Great for the sofa, couch, chairs, carpet, bed sheets, car interiors and clothes. Won't harm your clothes or furniture.
No Power Source or Batteries Required
No Adhesive or Sticky Tape
100% Reusable
Easy to use; Easy to empty
Portable, light and durable
Cost Effective - Save on lint rollers!